Where Did Our Italian Glass Bead Overstock Go?

Prairie Edge is pleased to announce we have just finalized a deal with Glenn and Lisa Vincent of Shipwreck Beads for a substantial portion of the Italian Glass Bead overstock we have accumulated over the years.

The Beads
The overstock beads were from the Societa Veneziana Conterie e Cristallerie, once one of the largest and most renowned bead and glass factories on the island of Murano, Italy.

At the height of production in the 1920s and early 1930s, when the Conterie's beads were wildly popular in clothing and design around the world, the factory employed as many as 1,000 people, with 4,000 more working on contract. Sadly, the factory was forced to close in 1992, a victim of changing tastes and a rapidly globalizing economy. Prairie Edge acquired the last remaining stock of these truly unique beads.

Our Collection
Prairie Edge realizes the important role beads play in the artwork of the Northern Plains, so we want to assure our customers we have retained at least a 20 year supply of these beads for continued offering both online and in our Trading Post. We also still continue to maintain our current Bead Library Collection on our Mezzanine.

We are currently in the process of inventorying these remaining beads and will have this offering available in the near future, but for those interested in large quantities, please call either Glenn or Lisa Vincent from Shipwreck Beads at 800.950.4232 or visit their website.

About Shipwreck Beads
Owned and operated by the same family since its founding in 1969, Shipwreck Beads was first located in a modest 750 square foot building on the shores of Mud Bay in Olympia, Washington. Originally called "Shipwreck", it began life as a nautical themed antique store that just happened to keep a few trade beads in stock. When Shipwreck's original owners sold the store to their children in 1982, the beads quickly took center stage, and Shipwreck Beads was born!

Shipwreck Beads has grown substantially since its humble beginnings on Mud Bay. Shipwreck Beads is currently housed within an impressive 80,000 square foot building, with literally billions of beads stocked from floor to ceiling.