Hello friends and family! We have another great #book #review to share with you all today. Brittany Davila has the scoop on the book “WHEN THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD WAS SUBDUED, OUR SONGS CAME THROUGH: A NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF NATIVE NATIONS POETRY” edited by Joy Harjo. Enjoy!

“WHEN THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD WAS SUBDUED” is more than just a mere collection of poetry. As stated by Joy Harjo, it’s a celebration of the voices of indigenous peoples all across North America. It’s a way to pass on poetry that has emerged from rich traditions of the very diverse cultures and customs of indigenous people that more often than not go on unheard of or worse yet - forgotten.

This particular anthology comprises of approximately 161 poets whom all are indigenous. Moreover, this anthology is also organized into five geographical regions being the northeast and Midwest, plains and mountains, pacific northwest including Alaska and the Pacific Islands, southwest and west, and lastly the southeast. It’s a significant way to organize this forementioned anthology that spans four centuries because land is essential to culture as well as identity because not one poet from one region is alike. They are going to have a different voice and story to tell.

As a result of reading this book, the reader gets a better insight to not only the vast genre that in itself is poetry, but for the voices and stories that have spanned the course of generations. You can feel the happiness, sadness, frustration, humor, devastation, and hope all rolled into one book. It’s a book that should be read and a book that should be shared.


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