Veterans Day

“Even before they could vote, they served their country."

Words like these are often heard when referring to Native American Veterans. As far back as the American Revolution, Native Americans have protected this country and served this military with honor and distinction. Native American families have sent their sons and daughters to fight with strength, pride, devotion and wisdom.

Without the Code Talkers, WWII would have had a very different ending. The ancient languages of this land were never broken by the enemy, information was passed safely, and the war ended. It wasn’t until recent times that the public became more aware of the participation of these brave soldiers.

Statistically, Native Americans serve in the military at a much higher rate, more than any other ethnic or racial group in the United States. Some folks speculate it is because of their connection to the land, the bones of their ancestors are buried here and are even part of the very earth they walk on. There are also ancient beliefs for warriors and these are still practiced today.

This Veterans Day, November 11, 2018, take sometime to enjoy the freedoms of our great nation and remember to thank a Veteran. Freedom isn’t free. Don’t forget to vote on November 6th.


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