The Natural Scents of Pow Wow

Light, fragrant smelling herbs and essential oils are often used by dancers and guests during Pow Wow as scented sachets or oils as a natural perfume. They help many Pow Wow dancers and guests "stay fresh" as many Pow Wows last for days and regalia is heavy (and not really made for wicking away sweat).

Patchouli Oil
This mysterious, woodsy scent of Patchouli oil is very popular among Pow Wow dancers and is often used to scent the skin as well as regalia (it is also believed to calm the senses and ease tension).

Sweet Leaf
Sweet Leaf is renowned for its use as a scented sachet and is often packed with Pow Wow regalia (it makes it smell nice, but also helps to preserve the clothing). Many dancers also tie silk sachets filled with this dried herb to their bandoliers during performance.

Sweetgrass Oil
With the scent of fresh cut grass and clover, a slight undertone of wisteria, this light, earthy scented oil is especially nice to use if you are in a place where you are unable to burn the traditional braid for a smudge.

This aromatic herb is also commonly used as scented sachets. It is packed with regalia to infuse the clothing with its sweet, earthy scent.

Purchased at the local hardware store (these are usually used for barbecue smokers), cedar chips are perfect for packing and preserving regalia…it also adds a wonderful woodsy scent to the clothing. It also helps keep bugs away.

Sage & Sweetgrass
Intertwined in many Native American traditions, the sacred Native American herbs Sage and Sweetgrass are also used by many dancers and guests, but on a much more personal level. Usually as a personal smudge, they are used to dedicate oneself to prayer or dance. It is believed cleansing with Sage and Sweetgrass will bring good feelings and positive spirits to their day.