Something Brand New! Pendleton Apparel & Accessories

Pendleton apparel is now available at Prairie Edge. To further celebrate Native American Heritage Month, Prairie Edge is carrying clothing that is steeped in the history and culture of the Native American tribes from the northwest and the southwest.

Pendleton has been producing products since 1863. They first began making Indian trade blankets in 1895. At first they used the symbols and imagery of the Native Americans of northeastern Oregon. But after their success they expanded into the southwest and began using the imagery and symbols from this area.

Today, we still see blankets at Pow Wow's, weddings, graduations, funerals and ceremonies. Their value is incorporated in their designs. But all things evolve and Pendleton has launched off into clothing and accessories. We are excited about this new line of clothing and accessories that include women's outer wear, men's jackets, towels, purses, cosmetic bags, mugs and much more.

All of the products start with 100% Merino Wool, this special wool comes from the ancient line of merino sheep. This highly sought after wool has special properties, it is softer than most wool, and is more suitable for blending with other fibbers like silk or cashmere pashmina. Merino wool is also used in athletic clothing because it has a nice "wicking" effect and in extreme cold, even if the wearer sweats the wool fiber holds the body heat as well as moisture which helps to prevent hypothermia.

So a great pair of mittens or a warm scarf is a must this season for not only their practical uses but also because the colors are vibrant and alive! The patterns are Native American style. Outside of the box, Pendleton has also added 100% cotton towels, and they are beautiful and of high quality.

At this time, we cannot feature these items on our web-site but I bet we can get you some images with prices. Just give us a call toll free at 800-541-2388 and ask for the "Pendleton" department. These folks will be happy to help.