Sioux Trading Post & Bookmobile 2017

Nancy and the girls have stocked some pretty exciting bling, they are now carrying regalia pins, butterflies or dragonflies. They are sparkly and pretty and are available in gold tones or silver tones. These are the perfect accessory for your Pow Wow regalia!

They've also added a nice selection of dressy shawls and blankets. Nancy and the crew stay in touch with their customer needs by providing contemporary and traditional products for all your crafting and Pow Wow needs and new items will be arriving as the season goes on.

March is the great bead sale (20% off glass beads, some exceptions apply), we try to help our crafters who are kicking off Pow Wow season at the Denver March Pow Wow, this is one of North America's largest Pow Wow's and folks are excited for good competition, catching up with family and friends and checking out the latest styles for regalia. If you've ever wondered what the hype is all about this is the place to "Check it out!" Open to the public.

Nancy and Frank will be traveling to Eagle Butte for a Book/Bead mobile trip on March 17th. They will be bringing books, calendars, sale CD's, botanicals, craft supplies and anything else they can get into the van. If you have a special need and would like us to bring something for you please feel free to call us toll free at 800-456-3394 or 800-541-2388, we can also be reached by e-mail at or, we will add the item and tag it with your name.

Let's all get ready for a wonderful Pow Wow season and remember folks Waci Waci !!!!