Prairie Edge & Sioux Trading Post Changes & Pow Wow 2018

Hello everyone and thank you for your readership.

Prairie Edge has had a presence on the world wide web for many years. Later, we added our sister company, the Sioux Trading Post, and developed a whole separate customer base that needed botanicals and craft supplies. Our web presence evolved to become one web-site. By combining our two web-sites, we've streamlined the order process. So from now on, you can shop one site, pay one shipping charge and continue to enjoy the same great products. There are still botanicals, buffalo robes (plain and decorated), buffalo skulls (plain and decorated), everything from needles to a beaded elk skull by local Lakota artist Kevin Fast Horse, Sr.

Take the time to cruise the new site and let us know if you have any questions about the products featured on the new site. You can still use your organic links to or, either one will work.

Our next big event is our local 32nd Annual He Sapa Wacipi (Black Hills Pow Wow). This annual Pow Wow features dancers, singers, drummers, the Miss He Sapa Win contest, tiny tots (so adorable) and many more events. If you've never been to a Pow Wow nows your chance to experience this fabulous example of Plains Indian culture at it's finest. This is a public event and the public is welcome (no drugs or alcohol). Bring the family and learn about the local Native American traditions, come dance with us.

Monday, October 8, 2018 is Native American Day in the state of South Dakota. In 1989, the South Dakota legislature unanimously passed legislation proposed by Governor George S. Mickleson (1941-1993) to proclaim 1990 as the "Year of Reconciliation" between Native Americans and Whites, to change Columbus Day to Native American Day and to make Martin Luther King's birthday into a state holiday. Since 1990, the second Monday in October has been celebrated as Native American Day in South Dakota.