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Well the purge continues and Anita has reduced our CD selection, now there has been some speculation about this and let us clear up the rumors, we are still carrying music but we realize we cannot compete with MP3 which is the direction most performers are going, it is cheaper then pressing a CD and reaches a much larger audience. We still carry the best selection of Native American ceremonial music and lots of books. We've increased our selection of Out-of-Print books and are adding new books to our contemporary selections.

This newest book, "A Warrior of the People", is the story of the first female Native American doctor. She studied hard, made the sacrifices and became a doctor for her people. She was inspired to become a doctor when she witnessed a white doctor's refusal to treat a Native American patient, the patient died from the neglect but it galvanized a young person into becoming what her people needed the most, a qualified physician. Read more about her in the book by Joe Starita.