Pow Wow, Language Summit and Horse Relays 2016!

We just finished up with our Custer State Park annual Buffalo Roundup and it was another successful year for everyone involved. Thank you to the many folks who stopped in and shopped before the roundup. We are glad we could help with those last minute gift ideas or a special piece of art that will commemorate this magnificent event!

It's an exciting time of the year for all the folks who live in the Black Hills area. We are getting ready for the Lakota*Dakota*Nakota Language Summit, October 6-8, 2016, our local He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate (Black Hills Pow Wow), October 7-9, 2016 and the Black Hills Indian Relays, October 7-9. The Relays are being held in conjunction with the Pow Wow.

We won't be at this years Language Summit but we are fully stocked with language material. We offer teacher and school discounts on books and craft supplies, so if you have a purchase order from your school make sure you bring it with you or you can also have a purchase order sent to us via e-mail or fax.

This month is our annual glass bead sale, 20% off all glass beads. There will be various items throughout the store that are marked down. During the Pow Wow we are offering a 20% discount on one item (some exceptions apply) if you have your ticket stub or bracelet from the Pow Wow. We have a lot of new product everywhere so this offer is exciting.

As part of the community we would like to welcome everyone and we look forward to a good visit!

Waci Waci everyone :)