Photography by Cristen J. Roghair

Prairie Edge Fine Art gallery has added more art for the new season. Local photographs are very popular as they give the collector an opportunity to remember how beautiful South Dakota is.

New to the gallery is photographer, Cristen J. Roghair of Okaton, SD. South Dakota's prairie is the main subject of her art, especially that surround her ranch home that she and her family live and work on. Over the years of photographing the prairie she says she has grown to deeply love the land which fuels her passion to share its beauty through her art.

"Often overlooked and classified as the 'fly over states' are those that contain the prairie. I have come to view the prairie as anything but 'fly over.' I have discovered deep lines in the contrast of shadows, vibrant skies in the wide open spaces, and rich landscapes no matter the season. There is a song in the wind, harmony in the waving prairie grasses and the grand percussion of sunrise to sunset. The clouds are big and full of life, the storms so close you can reach out and feel the electricity."

Cristen prefers a more traditional approach to photography and wants the majority of her work to be accomplished in-camera, without digital manipulation. She has captured some incredible images of the prairie, the Badlands and the Black Hills of South Dakota. The images can be printed on paper, canvas, or metal, each format giving the image a different finished look. We are pleased to represent her work and will carry a variety of images, formats and sizes here at Prairie Edge.