Out of Print Book: A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux

Amos Bad Heart Bull, also known as Wanbli Wash ah (Eagle Bonnet) (1868-1913) - These are some of the earliest pieces of what is now known as ledger art which began as winter counts. Bad Heart Bull was a child of eight when Custer met his fate at the Little Big Horn. Amos and his family moved around with the Oglala camp for many years after that fight, even spending some years with Sitting Bull in Grandmothers land (Canada).Upon his return, he spent some time as a scout for the army year further developed his artist skill while serving as a scout.

These images cover Bad Heart Bull’s life and all aspects of Indian life a that time. A feta years ago, the 50th anniversary edition of this book was releases, but this is the deal and very scarce 1st edition.