Our New Year's Resolution

It's the end of another great year here at Prairie Edge and the Sioux Trading Post. We've had some real standout moments and many learning experiences.

Our resolution each year is pretty much the same, continue on our mission to represent the Northern Plains with a lot of devotion and a clear path to the truth of things. This will never change, we are here for all of the members of our community and will make it our mission to present the best possible examples for everyone.

We would like to end the year with kind words from other people, we don't pay for reviews or nice notes, they just seem to come our way.

1. This note came to us via mail,

Dear Mr. Tribby, November 9, 2018

A month ago my husband and I had the delightful surprise of discovering your Prairie Edge store. It was our first trip to Rapid City having moved from Southern California to Alliance, Nebraska last spring. What we found at your store was an exemplary shopping experience on many levels. The ambiance created by its architecture, the products/product displays, and the sales people was evident the moment we stepped inside. We leisurely wandered around the store for more than an hour or so, finding intriguing and unique items everywhere we turned. The quality, selection and diversity of your products is testimony to your buyers and I suspect overall management and its mission in creating and sustaining a store of this caliber.

2. This was a hand written note,

Prairie Edge,

Would like to just "yell out" Thank You! for handling my books in the bookstore & on-line. You do so much for me as an Author & Artist at your store!

Donald F. Montileaux

There are many more, but not enough time or room to copy them all. We would like to take the time to acknowledge all of the great support, both locally, nationally and internationally, we are nothing without the support of old and new friends and family.

Take good care of each other and may 2019 bring each of you good health and good fortune.