Northern Plains Indian Art Market

Celebrating the work of over 100 Native American artists representing over 30 different tribes, the Northern Plains Indian Art Market is a magnificent display of traditional crafts and contemporary artwork, as well as an experience infused with culture, music, and dance.

Now in their 24th year, this annual event boasts the largest art market focused on the art of the Northern Plains - Lakota, Blackfeet, Crow, Northern Cheyenne, Assiniboine, Arapaho, Shoshone, Nez Perce, Flathead, Chippewa, and Cree (just to name a few). It's held in Sioux Falls, SD and is presented by Sinte Gleska University.

For viewers, collectors, and guests, the exhibit includes a Juried Art Show and Art Market and features both emerging and established artists working in a range of mediums, from traditional beadwork, porcupine quillwork, and painting to contemporary mixed media, sculpture, and decorative metalwork.

For experienced artists, like our own Donald Montileaux (who has attended the event since its inception), the Art Market is a "wonderful opportunity to visit with old friends (collectors and artists alike) from across the country, as well as meet new aficionados of Native art".

For emerging artists, Don also says the Art Market encourages seasoned veterans of the show to mentor up-and-comers by showing them how to present themselves and their work…and basically help them find their confidence. He says, "Its an amazing experience to see an artist blossom and become their own".

The event takes place September 22 - 25, 2011. Visitors are also welcome to attend and enjoy educational lectures, presentations, music, and a traditional Wacipi (Pow Wow).