New Lakota Artist

Our Lakota artists and crafts people are always creating, going to shows and learning every year better ways to create art and keep their culture alive. It's sometimes hard for the new artist to break into the art scene without some support. Those that have the support are lucky!

Some pieces are created with such knowledge and skill, this beaded bag by Brenna Ravenshead (Oglala/Lakota) is sewn with real sinew on brain tanned deer hide. Her parents, Danita Bald Eagle and Chris Ravenshead have spent hours with Brenna and her two sisters teaching them the Lakota way of culture and art and this up-bringing is reflected in her work.

Brenna doesn't just use brain tanned deer hide for this bag, she makes the brain tanned hide herself. She scrapes the hide and then applies the brains to soften and treat the hide. This is an ancient craft and important skill is being passed down to the next generations, she has learned well. She also sews with real sinew that she made herself, the time and patience shows in this historical piece by our Lakota youth artist Brenna Ravenshead.

Brenna was the recipient of this year's "Best of Show" during the Third Annual "Gathering of People, Wind and Water" art market and Native show in downtown Rapid City, SD.