We Present Native Flute Player Bryan Akipa

Monday, August 8, world renowned Native flute player Bryan Akipa will be giving a live flute performance from 12:00 - 4:00 pm.

Combining the visceral, emotional tenor of the traditional Dakota flute with the natural, meditative sounds of the Northern Plains, the music of Bryan Akipa calms and embraces.

"There is a strong spiritual connection to his music and it flows through you…it is music of peace and serenity".
- Native Journal

About the artist
Bryan is a a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe. He is a self taught artist and musician who has revived the art of flute making and flute playing by learning about much of his culture through oral histories (conversations with friends and relatives).

"Because of acculturation and assimilation, not everyone knows their culture today, so even the smallest bit of oral history becomes important. Asking them [about the past] is very special, they almost always go through their trunk reluctantly, but when the memories start to come back and they relive moments of their youth and the stories come out.

I enjoy the knowledge that I've learned from my people. I believe in completing the circle - now that I've learned, developed, applied, and profited from this knowledge, I give a portion of my work back to the people…this also keeps the art alive".
- Bryan Akipa

Awards & Successes
His CDs have been nominated for several Nammies (Native American Music Awards), including 1998 honors for The Flute Player album, 1999 Thunder Flute (also the Indie awards finalist), 2001 Eagle Dreams, 2002 Best Flutist, Best Male Artist. He was a featured player on My Relatives Say by Mary Louis Defender which won the 2000 NAMA for Best Spoken Word recording.

In addition to his success as an award winning traditional Native American flute player, he is also an Army veteran, an elementary teacher, internationally known for his craftsmanship of traditional flutes, and a champion traditional dancer.

Music by Bryan Akipa