Memorial Day Remembrance: What have the American Indians done for this Country?

Good question, here are some facts about American Indian participation in Wars for the United States;

1917: World War I - When the U.S. entered the war, about 17,000 Indians served in the armed forces. Some Indians, however, specifically resisted the draft because they were not citizens and could not vote or because they felt it would be an infringement of their tribal sovereignty. In 1919, Indian veterans of the war were granted citizenship.

1941: World War II - During the course of the war, about 25,000 American Indians served in the armed forces; another 40,000 Indian men and women were employed in wartime industries. Key among the American Indians participating in WWII were the Navajo and Comanche Code Talkers.

1942: On January 9, a U.S. government press release said 40 percent more Native Americans have enlisted to fight in WWII than have been drafted. Altogether, 25,000 Indians served in the U.S. armed forces, including 800 women. In the Philippines, a Choctaw scout escaped from the Japanese at the battle of Corregidor, and led underground guerrilla forces until the war ended. The Oneidas, Chippewas, and Comanches blocked Japanese decoding of military information by dispatching messages in their tribal languages. Navajo Code Talkers were instrumental in the landing at Guadalcanal, where they sent and received reports from field commanders.

1965-1973: Vietnam War - At least 43,000 American Indians fought in the Vietnam War.


Today, we are still participating in the security of this great Nation, our children join the military and we celebrate their victories and mourn their losses along with the rest of the Nation. What has always made us the same is our common enemies, the enemies of this country do not care where you are from, what teams you support, what your political affiliations are or even the color of your skin, this is what makes us the same.

To commemorate our Veterans we have special ceremonies and special Pow Wows. We proudly display the Flag of this nation and honor our hero's with songs and dances.

Take time to thank a Veteran, they made it possible for you to be free.