March Madness at Sioux Trading Post: Czech Glass Beads 20% Off

For the month of March, the Sioux Trading Post is featuring 20% off on Czech glass bead hanks!

If you bead and need to stock up after a long winter of projects, now is the time. Michael and the crew have spent the last few weeks stocking up on colors.

Czech glass beads are a preferred medium for most of our bead artists. The sizes are more consistent and most colors are available. We do recommend that if you are working on a large project, you should get all the beads you need, dye lots are never the same and there can be enough of a difference that you can actually see it especially for background colors.

Glass has been around for the millennia and can be found at some of the most ancient burial sites. There are some who believe the Egyptians invented glass but more recent digs in China have revealed that glass was used before the Egyptians existed. This versatile medium can be used for dishes, lamps, windows, jewelry making, etc.. the list is almost endless!