Let's talk about Botanicals: Some are only available for a short time!

Hi everyone, hope you are having a healthy and prosperous summer so far, we have been enjoying the rains and all around us nature is providing some much needed botanicals like sage, sweet grass and tinpsila.

Available again on our web-site is Tinpsila. This small plant has sustained life on the Great Plains for thousands of years. Also known as "prairie turnip" it has it's own unique flavor, goes well with buffalo meat and can be stored for future use as long as the storage area is dry. This item is seasonal and this years crop is very good.

Sage has been coming in so we are starting to sell this years sage. Our local Lakota people spend many hours collecting the correct sage used in ceremonies and for cleansing. The rain helped the sage this year, all of it is nice and long and the leaves are beautiful.

This unique, aromatic plant has been central to the beliefs of the Plains Indians and continues on today. We will stop collecting sage soon as it will be seeding and we do not collect seeds as there would not be a crop for next year if we did.

Sweet grass is in limited quantities because this years crop is under water. But soon the water will recede and then the harvesting will begin. So we ask for your understanding and will keep everyone updated on what is left and when the new braids will be available again.

Take care everyone and be safe. If you happen to be in the area stop by an say Hi! We love a good visit and love to catch up with old friends and new!

Until next time, Toksa!