Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit

November 17 - 19, Tusweca Tiospaye of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation hosts their 3rd annual Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit in Rapid City, SD at the Ramkota Hotel.

This international Native language convention welcomes educators, school administrators, school board members, parents, students, community members, tribal councils, and elders from across the United States and Canada committed to revitalizing tribal languages.

During the Summit, Presenters will share their success stories of how they've helped their languages stand the test of time to remain a strong, flourishing cultural treasure.

They will also introduce those working to revitalizing their own Native languages to effective teaching methods, learning strategies, and resources, as well as ideas for applying new technologies to not only preserve, but also give these ancient languages new life in a modern world.

About Tusweca Tiospaye
Tusweca (two-swe-cha) Tiospaye (tee-o-shpa-yea) is a Native non-profit organization located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota Oyate, that is dedicated to the promotion and strengthening of the Lakota language.

The Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit was created by Tusweca Tiospaye in 2008 in an effort to unite the Oceti Sakowin, Seven Council Fires of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, also known as the Great Sioux Nation, in efforts to keep the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota languages alive.

Prairie Edge & Sioux Trading Post
We will also be in attendance as a vendor and supporter of the Language Summit with our unique craft supplies, botanicals and beads; as well as our collection of language booksmusic and movies...and after the Summit, join us as we meet and greet the cast of the Lakota Berenstain Bears here in the store!