Lakhotiya Woglaka Po! – Speak Lakota!

A Book Review by: Donovin Sprague

By Lakota Language Consortium. 2010.

This is a Level 2 Lakota Language Textbook in a series of Lakota language resource materials. It is an excellent resource book with 12 designed units which equal a year of classroom instruction. There are coloring activities, puzzles, crosswords, and word-finds.

Some of the chapters include introduction of people, animals, counting, fruits, vegetables, colors, family, body, and stages of life. The book is very descriptive and each page contains colored drawings.

The book could be used for anyone learning the Lakota language. It is compiled and approved by leading Lakota language authorities. An audio CD is also available to accompany the book. This part includes 84 listening exercises, fully integrated with the Level 2 textbook. The materials are important for preserving the Lakota language.