January 2016: Fresh Start

It feels like a "fresh start" every January 1, we get the whole year to see what new things we can bring to the store, we prepare ourselves for up-coming events and take one moment to reflect on the past year, okay, that's done.

Re-arranging is gonna be a big focus, we are moving departments to help the flow through our galleries and to make your experience in our store a memorable one.

Native American Gallery: This years focus will be looking for those new artists, we are not replacing any of our current artists but we are planning for the future and are excited to see what is out there? Who will be the next big thing? We'll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, we got this beautifully hand carved piece from Paul Sand who is a Lakota artist that comes from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Paul is a master carver who uses mostly balsa wood for his figures. This is an example of Grass Dancers. Grass Dancers move like the wind, their outfits are designed to flow and ebb like a summer breeze, it really is the most spectacular display of man and nature.

Prairie Edge Trading: New to the store this year!Well, the year just got started so we have not been to any buying shows yet but we will and for those lucky folks who get to visit us in person there is always something for just about everyone. We will always carry the tried and true products from Pendleton, Filson, locally crafted Star Quilts and locally designed Tee shirts, but after buying season there will be many new items to choose from so come see us.

If you are ever interested in viewing items and you are not able to make it into the store we can use our technology and e-mail you images, let us know what we can do to help.