Introducing Native Artist Marty Cuny

We are proud to welcome Oglala Lakota artist Marty Cuny to our Native Gallery!

Personally, I am very excited to have Marty’s work in the gallery. His experience and emotion shines through in the incredible detail he puts into his work - from the custom fit leather clothing, tiny beaded moccasins, or the spirited horses, each piece tells the story captured in its title.

About the Artist
Making dolls and traditional styled craftwork over the past 45 years, artist Marty Cuny, an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, considers his work contemporary with traditional foundations. He learned the craft from watching and learning the techniques of beading from his grandparents. They taught him the basics of how to use the leather, beads, feathers, rawhide and horsehair.

His inspiration in creating his work is drawn from dreams and a desire to incorporate what had occurred in history, and the knowledge that he now can share with the people who have come to appreciate the culture and history of the Lakota people.

Featured Artwork