Earth Day 2016: What has changed?

On April 22, 2016, we will celebrate Earth Day with all the inhabitants of Mother Earth. We only have one Earth and we need to take good care of her or we will suffer the consequences.

Earth Day first began in 1970, at that time, predictions for our Earth were dire. It was estimated that at the rate of the population explosion and poisons being emitted into our air, water and land, there would be mass starvation and death from starvation including 65 million Americans as the land could no longer sustain growth, the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth would be cut in half from air pollution and this would also cause the Earth to chill by as much as 11 degrees creating a potential ice age.

Something had to be done and it was going to take a world wide effort to reverse the damage already done to the Earth. Today, we watch each other more closely, we hold companies and individuals accountable for polluting, dumping or wasting. We do this by pointing out the bad deeds and then cleaning up and restoring what we can.

More companies are learning to help conserve energy by shutting off lights in areas that are not being used, recycling products like plastic, glass and aluminum, and re-using the old to make the new. Even company vehicles are more fuel efficient. Has any of this helped? You bet it has.

As individuals we are recycling more products, driving more fuel efficient vehicles, wasting less water, we are constantly learning to treat our planet better, and if we continue to be more aware, to restore, we may have a chance to make a better future for our generations to come. Enjoy Earth Day! Celebrate the thing that makes us all the same, Earth.

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