Earth Day 2015: What have we improved?

The "Keep America Beautiful" campaign was galvanized in 1971 with the introduction of Iron Eyes Cody depicted as an Indian riding or walking through areas of illegal dumping, litter in the streets, parks, and most public places. His single tear made America aware of the garbage, but what has it changed?

Today, there are garbage cans practically everywhere you look and some of those cans are marked with "aluminum only", "paper only", etc… to help take clean up one step further and implementing recycling in our efforts to keep our earth beautiful.

A recent trip to a southern California beach revealed that since I was a kid, all of the cigarette butts are gone and smoking in public places has been reduced so that waste from smoking has also been reduced.

Another recent development is the "adopt a highway" litter control campaign. This has improved our ditches greatly and is a way for everyone to be involved in making our planet a cleaner place while driving.

With more electric cars, alternative energy sources and a general sense of responsibility for this one planet we have, people are improving their waste disposal habits.

Protect Mother Earth (Ina Makoce) for the future of our family (Tiwahe).