Dr. Zimiga Speaks 1

Who is Dr. Zimiga?: …..Dr. Arthur W. Zimiga is a member of the Oglala Lakota Teton Nation and is an experienced educator with over 30 years in education and business. He has a master’s and doctorate degree in education from Harvard University. Dr. Zimiga has also taught at several universities such as: the University of South Dakota, Oglala Lakota College, Harvard University, and the University of California. Moreover, he has taught and participated in several workshops with his extensive background in indigenous, but especially Lakota culture.


Description of 1st video:

In the first video Dr. Zimiga introduces how it’s important to pay attention to the sequencing of stories and their beginning, middle, and ending play a key roll in not just a book or story’s narrative, but serves as a comprehensive tool for learning the key points within a story as a way to problem solve across subjects such as the characters, problem, outcome, action, and setting. Dr. Zimiga is going to show the viewers how the book “Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life” by Kingsley M. Bray plays out with a sequencing narrative.

Dialogue of 1st video:

Dr. Zimiga:You can see that where I read this there was something in here that intrigued me. We don’t look culturally different and we don’t do that. We don’t look at the whole thing of marginalized people and that happens. In any city with groups of people we have people that have no power to them politically economically and disadvantaged. And they are the same people we see today on the streets, or others there is we have the same same people we see today we have the same history today and so we have that same history being repeated by suburbia and what I intend to do is to start by looking at what are we teaching but also what are we learning. So that’s why I’ve developed the outcomes, problems, and the characters of the author and the action.

Anita (off camera): Ok art lets get going on it then.