D(L)akota Star Map Constellation Guide: An Introduction to D(L)akota Star Knowledge By Annette S. Lee, Jim Rock, & Charlene O’Rourke

This particular book is perfect for anyone one who is interested in Native culture as well as astronomy. The authors do a good job in emphasizing that when it comes to the stars and its constellations, there’s a purposeful connection right here down on earth. For instance, some star maps were painted in reference to Dakota/Lakota beadwork where it is often said that every bead is a prayer and beads are traditionally used to signify sacred items and is reminiscent of stars in the night sky twinkling and sparkling for all to see! Another example would be the celestial grouping of the seven stars that we commonly know as the “Big Dipper”, have a terrestrial association such as the Seven Council Fires as well as the Seven Sacred Rites which both are important staples of Native culture. As a result, this book solidifies the concept that everything is interconnected. Everything has a purpose, a meaning. We ourselves are connected to the earth and sky as well as having a beginning and an end only to repeat again like the hoop of an endless circle forever connected. See the full description on Prairie Edge’s website!