Charles Fast Horse, Sr.

It is with an extremely sad heart that I have to announce the passing of longtime friend and artist Charles Fast Horse Sr. Charles has been a part of Prairie Edge as long as there has been a Prairie Edge and has given help and spiritual advise to many of us for more than 35 years.

It was very easy to see the love of the culture that Charles lived in every piece of art that Charles and wife Hazel created for all of those years. Items that had meaning and told a story in every detail. Charles was never at a loss when it came time to explain his artwork, whether that person be a customer, a fellow employee or just an interested individual, Charles would always take the time to explain what each symbol or color meant and also how to use that piece of art to make a persons’ life more full.

Charles utilized aging techniques on his artwork which gave the buyer an opportunity to possess a piece of artwork that looked antique, but that an individual could display with no worries about how it was obtained. With that same consideration, Charles helped many people do the right thing with older pieces as well. There were many instances where I sought advice from Charles on how to handle artifacts or even just how to best solve problems that I might have both personally or professionally.

Spiritually, Charles is known around the world by all the folks who have come to South Dakota or Minnesota to pray and attend ceremony. I do not know of any who did not leave better or more at peace after they had spent time with Charles.

Charles will be missed here at Prairie Edge, but will be remembered forever because of all the things that he meant to us and to the people that got to know him here. From his amazing insight into the spiritual world, to his absolutely crazy sense of humor and all of the wonderful pieces of artwork that he created over the years. Charles, you have meant so much too so many of us. We wish you the very best in your travels to the spirit world. May you know nothing but peace for all time. You have truly been a Brother. Dan Tribby, General Manager