Change Is Good

Here at Prairie Edge and the Sioux Trading Post we strive to change, to keep things fresh and to offer old and new customers an experience that is beyond "just another retail shop."

Recently, we looked around the building and decided that we were not optimizing our space in a way that would be helpful to our customers so we changed it. Our bookstore, which has been located on the west side mezzanine is now located on the main floor, right after the Native American gallery. The space is easier for our elders to get too. The natural flow of art and stories fits perfectly, you can now peruse the books that are relevant to the art you are looking at and so art and knowledge go together.

The west side mezzanine is now the home of our Sticks Furniture collection, this also made sense once the idea came to mind. The mezzanine has better lighting and it's easier to design vignettes so folks can see how these pieces come together for the home or just about any setting. Customizing is a specialty of the Sticks company so bring your ideas and we'll see what awesome things we can dream up together.

We are not afraid of change, we embrace it and hope you folks will enjoy what we've done with the place.