Celebrating American Indian Heritage Month

November is National American Indian Heritage Month, which gives us the great opportunity to celebrate, remember, and honor the many contributions and rich ancestry of the Native American culture.

Here (at the store) we are surrounded by amazing reminders of the contributions made by the Native people everyday - whether by the beautiful work hanging in the Gallery, isles of books about the culture, rows of music by Native artists (or influence by Native sounds), or endless collection of traditional craft supplies, dried herbs, and botanicals.

So...we decided to share our resources and have compiled a list of ideas for everyone to join in celebrating this special month:

  1. Incorporate the Native American philosophy of leadership into your daily life to become a strong, compassionate leader.
  2. Explore the individual stories of Native American people across the United States and Canada through the stunning photography and compassionate writing of Serle Chapman in We, The People.
  3. Read about life and visions of the influential Lakota healer Black Elk.
  4. Learn about the Native American Experience through fascinating photographs and copies of historical documents.
  5. Follow The Timeline of Native Americans and their rich history - pre-European contact to modern day tribal life.
  6. Cook your family a healthy meal with a recipe from The Buffalo Cookbook or adopt healthy eating habits by following The Dakota Diet.
  7. Unearth recent archaeological findings, newly discovered written accounts, and never before published records to gain a new understanding of our country's oldest ancestors.
  8. Discover the importance of the TIPI to the Plains Indian tribes.
  9. Learn about the many medicinal plants Native Americans have used for centuries to heal the body naturally.
  10. Revive your crafting skills and making a traditional star quilt, learn feather craft, take up beadwork...or the even more historic art of quillwork.
  11. Listen to the haunting melodies of the Native American flute, the thunderous rhythm of the drum, or the tribal influences on contemporary music.
  12. Visit our Gallery or Craft Store (if you're in the area). We'd love to share our love and knowledge of the Native culture with you!