Battle of Little Bighorn Books

This post was written by Dan Tribby, General Manager of Prairie Edge.

We are excited about adding a new "Battle of Little Bighorn" addition to our online bookstore. There has always been such a great amount of interest in the entire Custer and Little Bighorn history that we are starting to add many more titles to this field of study.

The Battle is Debated & Continues to Evolve
That time in this country’s history changed the future for all Native Americans as well as the new European settlers forever.

Although this represented as one of the greatest victories against the US Army, it also went a long way in ultimately sealing the fate of the free Indian. Very few incidents in American history have been debated so much over time as the Custer history. Whether you love this man and what he stood for or whether you absolutely despise the Lt. Colonel, there are just so many wonderful titles that we are in the process of acquiring to pull the reader and historian back and forth in this seesaw battle of opinions concerning all things related to Custer.

The entire Little Bighorn Battle story continues to evolve even after 136 years since the event. So much more has been written from the Native American perspective now than what there was published in previous years. Not so many years ago, the battle field was excavated and the story became even clearer in just how both side moved around the area. Studies have been done on what was the relationships between Custer, Reno and Benteen and how did these differences affect the final outcome that day.

The Site
The site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn certainly deserves the most time if you are going to visit. The staff at the Memorial is very knowledgeable and helpful. I cannot urge any visitor strongly enough to take the tour and to go out on the battle field, where accessible and to just get a feeling for what all of the participants felt on that hot June day. It will change your life.

The area in southeastern Montana is an absolute must to visit if you are a history buff at all. There is so much history in the 100 mile radius that surrounds this part of the country. The Deer Medicine Rock National Park just outside of Lame Deer, Montana where for centuries the tribes of the northern plains had been gathering for ceremony, became a focal point just prior to the battle as this is the site where Sitting Bull had his vision of the “soldiers falling into camp”. The pictographs here are nothing short of phenomenal! Visit this place if you can, you will not be disappointed.

If you travel about 16 miles farther west on HWY 212 after leaving Lame Deer, you will come to the junction just outside of Busby, MT that will take you to the site of the Battle of Rosebud Creek. Although this battle is far less known than Custer’s Battle, it was very significant both at the time and has become even more so since the details leading up to and following the Little Bighorn have been so scrutinized.

Trouble Finding Something?
If you have a book title that you have been searching for, whether a current or out-of-print title, we can more than likely find a copy for you. It’s summer, read a great book!