A Place for Community: Lakota Nation Invitational Celebrates Year of Unity

This year's Lakota Nation Invitational (or LNI) is gearing up and preparations are already being made for the event that is being called "Year of Unity".

Yes, we've had rocky times and things haven't always been harmonious, but as a community we must learn to live with one another and get along. Events like this year's LNI help to make that possible.

Who doesn't enjoy a good game of basketball? Who hasn't sat on the edge of their seat hoping that their team will be the one to make that final shot to end the game of all games! All of us can communicate on the court, or in the stands...excitement is contagious! The art by young artists inspires all of us to keep on creating and use our hands and our minds for a higher purpose. The hand games keeps the action going for old and young alike. And there is so much more! This is also a great teaching tool for those who have always wondered about the Lakota Nation - everyone is welcome.

As a community, we must promote Unity in order for us to heal and move on to a brighter future for our generations. We set the example for learning how to get along or we doom ourselves to a dark future that has no winners or participants.

Come join us for an event that promotes good will, good games, good art and great cultural events.

Lel ukunpi kin he waste ~ It is good for us to be here.

See you at the games!