A History of the Dakota or Sioux Indians

History is important for anyone who has ever wondered "How did things get to be this way?" Sometimes, a person is standing right at the moment in time when history is made, a witness of the very events that have shaped our present.

Our Donovin Sprague (historian, author, teacher, singer) wrote this review about a historian who visited the Wounded Knee massacre site. Doane Robinson made note of the horrific site so that maybe, we would not have to witness such an event in our modern times.

A History of the Dakota or Sioux Indians

By: Doane Robinson.

This is a good resource book for early events in the Lakota and Dakota world which happened back to contact with the first non-Indians. The mid-1800’s is examined and notes about events such as the Dakota conflict in Minnesota and events that took place in early Dakota Territory as well as statehood. There is also a history of the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 and data about the newly established reservations and counties in South Dakota. Newspaper publications are cited and early agricultural data is also included. The writer, Doane Robinson visited Wounded Knee following the 1890 massacre and included primary source material about this event.

Robinson lived from 1856-1946 and was a historian. He became the state historian for the State of South Dakota and worked with the South Dakota State Historical Society.

A subtitle of this book is “From their earliest traditions and first contact with white men to the final settlement of the last of them upon reservations and consequent abandonment of the old tribal life”.