Sweet Leaf

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The strong, musky aroma of this dried herb is regarded as an effective aphrodisiac by many Plains Indians.

Wah'pe was'temna, Monarda fistullosa var Wah'pe was'temna is believed to have seductive powers in attracting the opposite sex and was a favored herb among the Elk Men. Sweet Leaf is often used as scented sachets. Many dancers also tie silk sachets filled with Sweet Leaf to their bandoliers during performance. This Native American herb is seasonally available.

Includes: Leaves and flowers.
1 ounce package



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Lucia Feb 21st 2022


I have been making a tea with my sweetleaf every night.. It is delicious and refreshing! I absolutely love it.

Brian Henry Oct 27th 2021

Sweet Leaf

Awesome. Got it quick. Needed it. I'm on the coast doesn't grow around here wopila tanka !!!. Definitely will be order from prairie edge. Love the CD's too

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