Pendleton Blanket: Circle of Life

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The Circle of Life blanket honors Elders. It is a reminder that we are all children of the Earth, and we all share an equal place in the circle. The four sacred colors - yellow, red, black and white - represent the Four Directions and humankind and when mixed together create brown, the color of Mother Earth. ~Pendleton Legendary Collection

The east represents the Sun and is yellow. The south represents the warmth and vitality of life-blood and is red. The west represents the darkness in the night sky and is black. And the north signifies the purity of snow and is white. Each direction also represents a stage of life: east symbolizes birth, south the vitality of youth, west the maturity of experience and north the wisdom of age. The Circle of Life blanket includes blue for the sky and green for the Earth. ~Pendleton Legendary Collection 

64 x 80 inches
163 x 203 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.

Dry Clean Only
82% wool and 18% cotton
Artist: Pendleton Woolen Mills/Non-Native American Made.



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