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Lavendula spp., or Common Lavender This EuroAsian herb has a long history of use in the Old World, and has naturalized into the New World as it was populated after initial contact.

The scent is wholesomely healthy and has a calming and cleansing effect. Some local individuals who run sweat lodges have developed a fondness for this ancient herb and use it during the course of the ceremony.

1 ounce package
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Reviews (2)

Ron Tuason Dec 7th 2022

Very fresh!!!

The lavender I received is of excellent quality and the scent put a quick smile on my face! Yes, I'll definitely be returning to PrairieEdge regularly for more, so thank you very much.

Aodhan May 6th 2020

Very fresh

so fresh it can be smelled through the package. So very happy to have this product and be able to support another ethically sourcing business.

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Additional Info

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