Imitation Sinew

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Our imitation sinew is perfect for chokers, breast plates, necklaces, and dream catchers. It lasts much longer than real sinew, not requiring regular re-stringing.

This is waxed nylon, but you'd never know it! It looks like the real sinew in color and texture, and can be stripped into thin threads like real sinew. Unlike real sinew, it comes on a convenient spool, so you can make whatever length thread you need.

Available in 1 oz spool (approx. 250 ft.), 4 oz spool (approx. 500 ft.) or 8 oz spool (approx. 1000 ft.).


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Francis Pipestem jr Sep 24th 2021


Yes 5 stars !!!!..I make hand drums and other things with this kind of sinew and it's the best!!!

James Franco Aug 24th 2020

Medicine bag

I have not yet use the imitation sinew but it's what I need to use. it's the first time I'll be using the sinew.

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