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We carry the finest English needles for beading and sewing.

The Glover needles are a heavy needle with sharp triangular points that easily pierce leather. They are a specifically designed for sewing hides and work very well for commercial hides and brain-tanned hides. We carry size 1 - 12, with size 1 being the largest and size 12 being the smallest. Anyone sewing buckskin or suede should have several of these on hand. 

Each package Contains 25 needles


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Catherine Jan 4th 2021

John James Glovers Needles

The best leather needles I have found. Michael at Sioux Trading Post showed me these needles when I bought a deer hide and after using them I have continued to order them. I use size 12 most as I like to bead with small beads. I have 10's also for other projects.

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