Native Son - Tony Duncan

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Native Son is Tony Duncan's finest collection of original and traditional songs for solo Native American flute.  Of Apache and Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara heritage, Ducan is a Native American Music Award winner and five time World Championship Hoop Dancer.

Songs Include:
1. Evening Meadows
2. Sacred Mountain
3. Hummingbird Visits Me
4. Beside the River
5. Beautiful Wisdom
6. Man in the Maze
7. Birds Dancing
8. Eagle Has Blessed Us
9. Shush (Bear Dreams)
10. For Love
11. Moccasin Games
12. Quail Dancers
13. Quiet Morning
14. Stories Upon Stone
15. Elk Sings
16. Amazing Grace


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Mike Jun 20th 2021

Transports the mind

With the use of just a flute, you feel as though you are transported through time and space to the desert areas of the Native People. This recording delineates the harmony between instrument and spirit and we are all invited to come along for the ride.

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Additional Info

Tony Duncan
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Canyon Records, 2013