Is Everything Okay?

Thank you everyone who's asked this question! Yes, we are still here and all is well. We apologize for our recent lapse in new product updates and posts…it seems things were going so well, our site just couldn't quite keep up.

So a few weeks ago, we stopped our normal routine to give our site structure some much needed attention and make a few improvements.

What took place behind the scenes…
Separated Prairie Edge from Sioux Trading Post: In our early years, our stores were able to look different, but exist in the same space and have a common checkout. Unfortunately, as each became stronger, they started to compete, and our only choice was to separate them completely.

What this means for you: We now have 2 distinctly different sites with 2 separate checkouts - if you're looking for craft supplies, beads, or botanicals, the Sioux Trading Post is your resource; if you're looking for Native art, books, or music, Prairie Edge is the place to be…and if you want to shop both sites, be our guest, you'll just need to make 2 separate purchases.

Corrected link confusion: Have you recently tried to find Prairie Edge and ended up at the Sioux Trading Post? We sincerely apologize for this mix up - as our site grew, so did our number of products, pages, and links...and eventually our stores became tangled up in each other.

It was quite an undertaking, but once the sites were split, we tackled this sensitive issue like expert surgeons and rerouted the confused links to the appropriate site.

Upgraded server: With our growing traffic, came an increased demand on the server (and our old one just couldn't cut it), so we moved the sites to an improved, finely tuned server environment to give us (and hopefully you) a much more responsive site experience.

Updated platform: It may not look any different from the outside (we retained our familiar look and feel) but we have updated the core of our site. This greatly increases our ability to manage customer information, sharpens our system performance, and enhances the sites' overall functionality.

Just one example: We now have the ability to add your package's tracking number to your online order information…now you'll always know the status of your order and exactly when your new treasure will arrive.

Sometimes a few sacrifices need to be made…
Sales & order history: Due to the sensitive nature of customer information, we chose not to keep our sales and order history prior to this improvement process. If you have any questions or would like information about a previous purchase, please contact us.

Gift Cards: Of course this improvement success story wouldn't be compete without at least one hiccup: Our Gift Card feature is temporarily unavailable. BUT, not to worry…If you're wondering if you can still use your Gift Card (now instead of later), the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to honor it over the phone (800-541-2388).

Our ultimate goal
We promise to give you the best of ourselves, the artwork we represent, and resources about the Native American culture. If you have a comment, concern, suggestion, or have any problem using our sites, please share with us! We want to make your experience with us unforgettable.