Awl w. Wooden Handle

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This awl has a wooden handle and steel point. Indispensable when sewing on hide and can also be used to scratch or score the surface.


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Charlene Davis Jul 9th 2021

Awl Happy

I have another Awl but I like the one I got from you better it doesn't fall apart and I like that.

Fiddlerino May 13th 2020

Wooden Awl

I was so excited to find this multi-purpose awl with such a simple description, as I was searching around and finding too many others that weren't very clearly described or were too specific in their use. What I wanted was a round awl to buy for my father that he could use for whatever purpose he wanted, as he is a handyman of all sorts. He was very pleased with the design and knew just what to use it for: scratching marks on an electrical box during his rewiring project. Of course, all of us in the family can use it for many other things, too. Thank you to Prairie Edge for your very speedy delivery and excellent service. I loved the whole presentation and the professionalism and will definitely shop here again.

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