The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times (book)

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Based on an indigenous prophesy that is now coming true.  The Four Sacred Gifts reveals how our world depends on each of us to discover our interconnectedness to people, earth, and animals, with awareness that we are "all one relation".

Within these pages, you will find the deep wisdom of elders from all continents as they come together to give you four sacred gifts: the power to forgive the unforgiveable, the power of unity, the power of healing, and the power of hope.  These gifts will guide you to transformation and support your journey to wholeness.  By following the essential principles, lessons, and tools found in this book, you will experience personal breakthroughs, become a force for conscious, societal evolution, and learn to live in deeper harmony with all of humanity.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Dr. Anita L. Sanchez
Book Details:
paperback, 213 pages, 2017