Children's Book: Runs with the Stars

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As they wait the birth of a new foal, a man teaches his grandchild about the Ojibwa Horses that used to roam the forests of Northwestern Ontario.  The horses once ran wild and free, but when Grandfather was a boy, they almost disappeared.  Now he is the caretaker of his own small herd, keeping the breed alive for future generations and teaching his grandchild about the loving bond between humans and animals.  It's a moving picture book about the Ojibwe Horse, the only Indigenous-bred horse in Canada.

Meet the authors:
Darcy Whitecrow is Objibwe and Dakota; he is a member of the Seine River First Nation band in Northwestern Ontario, where he lives.  Darcy practices traditional lifestyles like trapping, fishing, and ricing, as well as traditional spirituality in both the Midewiwin and Sundance traditions.  With is partner, Kim, they have started a non-profit, Grey Haven Ranch, where they have been raising and caring for Ojibwa Horses for the past decade to help preserve the breed and the tradition of symbiotic interaction with the Ojibwa people.

Heather M. O’Connor is an award-winning children’s author and freelance writer based in Peterborough, Ontario.  Her first picture book, “Fast Friends”, won the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award and was a finalist for the Blue Spruce Award, the IODE Jean Throop Award, and the Shining Willow Award.  She first learned about Ojibwa Horses while writing for the Ontario Parks blog and quickly became obsessed.


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Additional Info

Darcy Whitecrow & Heather M. O'Connor
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hardcover, published 2022