The Boy & His Mud Horses & Other Stories From The Tipi : Children's Book

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"One night the boy took his blanket to a hilltop near the village. When we lie down looking up at the stars, and we hear the rumble of far-off thunder, who can say if we fall asleep? Suddenly there were strange and magnificent animals in the sky....."

"Most stories were told after dark in wintertime. Imagine, dear reader and listeners, that you are sitting on buffalo robes in the tipi, with the fire at the center casting flickering shadows on the painted lining behind you." "Someone places a glowing coal in front of the storyteller, who sprinkles juniper leaves on it, filling the lodge with scent, which please the good spirits. He rubs his hands in the smoke, and passing them over his head and body, he purifies himself." "The Star People looking down through the smoke hole will be witness to the truth of the stories he will tell....."

Author: Paul Goble | Foreword by Albert White Hat, Sr.| Publication date: 2010 | Hard cover, 50 pages


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