Guiding Your Child In Speaking The Lakota Language Book - Year Two

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Lakota is an oratorical society. The language is not so much kept by reading and writing Lakota, it is kept alive by speaking it to each other in everyday settings. If we truly hope to save the Lakota culture, we must save the language. Language is what formulates how one sees the world. It is the foundation of any culture.

This simple Lakota language book and CD is designed for a parent to easily teach their children to speak two simple conversational phrases a week. We hope that the parents will learn at the same time so that they can replace these English sentences with Lakota ones. This was not designed to read and write Lakota. By the end of the second school year, your child will know 144 conversational sentences - a good foundation for learning the Lakota language. Remember, a language is kept alive by speaking it each day. ~Wiyakpa Luta Waste Win


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