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This book is an excellent overview of Lakota religious thought and practice, introducing readers to it's essential components.

Through finely detailed descriptions of rituals and various types of religious figures, the author explains the significance of such practices as the Sun Dance, sweat lodge ritual, vision quest and peyote use. He also discusses the significance of herbs and religious artifacts and objects, and explains the roles and responsibilities of medicine men and other religious practitioners.

Author: Stephen E. Feraca

Soft cover, 104 pages

This particular book, despite its thin size, holds a great deal of information on Lakota religion. Chapters include a brief history on the Lakotas, the Sundance, Hᾳbléčheya, Inípi, Yuwípi, and some other ceremonies and practices as well. It doesn’t just tell what a certain ceremony is, it shares with the reader the purposes behind the ceremony. Essentially, “Wakinyan” provides a foundation for people who are new to or interested in the Lakota religion, its practices, and not to mention its culture.

Review by Brittany Davila


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