(book) Talking with Hands: Everything You Need to Start Signing Native American Hand Talk

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Explore Native American culture and learn Hand Talk, also known as Plains Indian Sign Language, Plains Sign Talk, and First Nation Sign Language.

Talking with Hands, professional Native American dancer, storyteller, and educator Mike Pahsetopah reveals the beauty of Plains Indian Sign Language, which was once used as a common language between the Indigenous peoples of the region now called the Great Plains of North America. The language was used for trade, but also for storytelling and by the Deaf community, making it a very common and useful tool in society. Today, only a few native speakers remain.

This beautifully designed book makes practicing Plains Indian Sign Language easy and engaging. Learn the proper positions and motions of this now-rare language with photos and descriptions throughout the pages. 
Follow along with diagrams to perfect your abilities.

Learn how to use your hands to convey the 
meanings of over 500 common words. In this detailed guide, you will learn to sign words like:

  • Hungry
  • Camp
  • Evening
  • Angry
  • Fire
  • Owl
  • Together
  • Brave
  • And more

Honor and carry on the culture of the Plains peoples by learning the sign language they shared.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Mike Pahsetopah
Book Details:
hardcover, 168 pages, 2023