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Ceremonial Music

Ceremonial Music

Native American’s music CD's are used for ceremonial purposes, healing, expression, and reflection. These cd's are used for ceremonies, some albums include booklets to help with learning the songs and their proper uses.

  1. Native American ceremonial music: Taku Skan Skan

    Various CD - Taku Skan Skan

    This CD contains Lakota Yuwipi Songs. Learn More
  2. Native American ceremonial music of Mitakuye Oyasin: Lakota Sundance Songs

    Mitakuye Oyasin - Lakota Sundance Songs - CD

    This CD collection of ceremonial music features songs sung during the Lakota Sundance. Learn More
  3. Native American ceremonial music by David Swallow Jr: Lakota Prayer Songs

    David Swallow Jr. - Wocekiye Olowan - Lakota Prayer Songs CD

    David Swallow, Jr. was born and raised near Wounded Knee, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He was taught the ancient ways by his grandparents and is recognized as a spiritual leader and Sundance intercessor.

    Learn More
  4. Native American Ceremonial Music by Spotted Eagle View: Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakota

    CD - Seven Sacred Rites Of The Lakota - Spotted Eagle View

    The teachings on this CD are dedicated to the Lakota youth and the generations yet unborn ~ Zintkala Oyate Learn More
  5. Native American ceremonail music by Joseph Shields: Wahancanka, Remember Me Grandfather

    CD - Joseph Shields - Wahancanka, Remember Me Grandfather

    This CD is beautifully presented, these sacred Lakota Pipe and Ceremonial songs illustrate the Lakota spiritual way of life. Learn More
  6. Native American Ceremonial music by Joseph Shields: Wahancanka

    CD - Joseph Shields - Wahancanka, Lakota Pipe & Ceremonial Songs

    This CD features songs that reflect the spiritual traditions of the Lakota people. They are sung in honor of the Grandfather Spirit. Learn More
  7. Lakota memorial songs by Viola & Dwight Provancial: Na Wakan Olowan

    CD - Viola & Dwight Provancial - Lakota Wakiksuyapi - Na Wakan Olowan

    Sacred songs sung by Viola and Dwight Provancial. Learn More
  8. Lakota Sundance Songs by James Ironshell

    James Ironshell - Lakota Sundance Songs CD

    The Sundance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies given to the Lakota people. This CD features some of the songs sung. Learn More
  9. Ceremonial music by Joseph Flying Bye: The Night is Sacred

    CD - Joseph Flying Bye - The Night Is Sacred

    This CD compilation features songs of the Lakota pipe ceremony interpreted by Joseph Flying Bye.
    Learn More
  10. Native American ceremonial music by Joseph Flying Bye: Friend, Do It This Way

    CD - Joseph Flying Bye - Friend, Do It This Way

    This CD collection features songs and teachings in the Lakota | Sioux oral tradition by respected elder and medicine man, Joseph Flying Bye.
    Learn More

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