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Native American Themed Art

Native American Themed Art

  1. Chasing the Sun

    Chasing the Sun

    Starting at: $30.00

    “Chasing the Sun,” an atmospheric giclée print, glows in luminous yellow, orange, and brown color washes. Learn More
  2. Medicine Man - Print on Watercolor Paper - Richard DuBois

    Medicine Man

    Starting at: $30.00

    Natural color paint washes blend and merge into an expressively dynamic scene, in the giclée print, “Medicine Man.”
    Learn More
  3. Sundowners - Richard DuBois - Print


    Starting at: $30.00

    “Sundowners” is a giclée print of horses racing across a landscape of vivid orange, yellow, and blue.
    Learn More
  4. Tatanka Sunset - Richard DuBois print

    Tatanka Sunset

    Starting at: $60.00

    Buffalo march a dark path within a crimson saturated sky in the dramatic image, “Tatanka Sunset,” by Richard DuBois.
    Learn More
  5. Wildfire - Richard BuBois - Print


    Starting at: $30.00

    Horses burst out towards the viewer in the giclée print, “Wildfire.”
    Learn More
  6. War Chief's Rock II - Allen Eckman

    War Chief's Rock II

    War Chief's Rock II is a one-of-a-kind cast paper sculpture by Allen Eckman which includes a custom-made acrylic display case.
    Learn More
  7. Buffalo Head - Paper Sculpture

    Buffalo Head

    Patty Eckman sculpts in paper using a process called paper casting. This involves pressing paper into a hand-made rubber mould to get a basic shape and continuing to transform that shape, sparing no detail, to create this beautiful buffalo head and other extremely life-like figures.
    Learn More
  8. Large Wrapped Feather - Paper - Patty Eckman

    Large Wrapped Feather

    Starting at: $75.00

    The “Large Wrapped Feather,” by Patty Eckman, is a limited edition cast paper sculpture which depicts an exquisitely detailed feather with a wrapped quill, ready to be attached to a headdress.
    Learn More
  9. Plate 1 of the Frank B. Fiske Portfolio Set

    Frank B. Fiske Portfolio I and II

    30 Native American photographic portraits by Frank B. Fiske.
    Learn More
  10. Native American Portrait by Frank Fiske

    Frank B. Fiske Portfolio II

    15 Native American photographic portraits by Frank B. Fiske.
    Learn More

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