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Native American Themed Art

Native American Themed Art

  1. Dragonfly


    Patty Eckman has created a dragonfly out of her handmade, archival paper. Learn More
  2. The Rose With Ladybug

    The Rose With Ladybug

    Patty Eckman has created a beautiful free-standing rose using her hand-made archival paper. Learn More
  3. Chief's Blanket - Don Montileaux - print
  4. Carry My Voice to the Four Winds -Don Montileaux - print
  5. Bussels, Bussels - Don Montileaux - print
  6. Buffalo Robe - Don Montileaux - print
  7. Buffalo Dancer - Don Montileaux - Print
  8. Taking the Fight to the Morning Star - Don Montileaux - print

    Taking the Fight to the Morning Star

    Warriors on horseback charge forth in the limited edition print, "Taking the Fight to the Morning Star." Learn More
  9. More than a Few - Don Montileaux - print

    More Than A Few

    'More than a Few' is a limited edition print by Lakota Sioux artist Don Montileaux, depicting horses running across a ledger background.
    Learn More
  10. Counting Coup - Don Montileaux - print

    Counting Coup

    Don Montileaux's colorful and dynamic ledger art print shows warriors 'counting coup,' a practice of Northern Plains Indians.
    Learn More

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