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Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

There are few things more beautiful than the tales, legends and the spirit depicted in Native American fine art.

Among the stunning and sophisticated Native American art pieces in our gallery are the ledger drawings of Lakota artist Donald Montileaux and the works of JoAnne Bird.

We also feature an impressive collection of Non-Native American made modern and contemporary art - from the unique Insect Art of Christopher Marley to the delicate paper sculptures of Allen and Patty Eckman.

  1. Tatanka Sunset - Richard DuBois print

    Tatanka Sunset

    Starting at: $60.00

    Buffalo march a dark path within a crimson saturated sky in the dramatic image, “Tatanka Sunset,” by Richard DuBois.
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  2. Wildfire - Richard BuBois - Print


    Starting at: $30.00

    Horses burst out towards the viewer in the giclée print, “Wildfire.”
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  3. War Chief's Rock II - Allen Eckman

    War Chief's Rock II

    War Chief's Rock II is a one-of-a-kind cast paper sculpture by Allen Eckman which includes a custom-made acrylic display case.
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  4. Buffalo Head - Paper Sculpture

    Buffalo Head

    Patty Eckman sculpts in paper using a process called paper casting. This involves pressing paper into a hand-made rubber mould to get a basic shape and continuing to transform that shape, sparing no detail, to create this beautiful buffalo head and other extremely life-like figures.
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  5. Patty Eckman - Hummin' in the Bluebells

    Hummin' In The Bluebells

    Patty Eckman creates beautiful white paper sculptures using her own recipe of paper and a unique sculpting process that she and her husband, Allen Eckman have developed and shared since 1987.
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  6. Cast Paper Sculpture - Lakota Lodge - Allen Eckman

    Lakota Lodge

    'Lakota Lodge' is a limited edition paper sculpture by Allen Eckman. Learn More
  7. The Rose With Ladybug

    The Rose With Ladybug

    Patty Eckman has created a beautiful free-standing rose using her hand-made archival paper. Learn More
  8. Egg Watchers - Patty Eckman - Paper Sculpture

    Egg Watchers

    In Patty Eckman’s limited edition cast paper sculpture, “Eggwatchers,” a hummingbird is perched on its nest, standing guard over the small eggs nestled within. No color dyes are added to the handmade paper material the artist uses, and this intensifies the sculptural details. Learn More
  9. Dragonfly


    Patty Eckman has created a dragonfly out of her handmade, archival paper. Learn More
  10. His New Moccasins

    His New Moccasins

    Starting at: $105.00

    Cast paper sculpting is the medium that Patty and Allen Eckman have made their life's work. This pair of limited edition moccasins is one of Patty's special creations.
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